Delivering Profit Through Principles

Delivering Profit Through Principles

Delivering Profits Through Principals- Honesty & Hardworking, Quality & Reliable

In endeavouring to maximize profit margins, operating the business in accordance with moral and ethical principles and values is our top priority. To ensure that all business operations are conducted with integrity, we implemented a robust ethical code of conduct across the organisation & business channel. Investment is made in training all staff (from the board down) in what it means to be ethical and to consider ethics when making decisions.

Being ethical in all business transactions also helps our company to stay on track by maintaining effective system of internal controls.

To allow our organization to remain compliant with the latest standards and regulations, a Quality Management System, or QMS, is implemented for improving our business’s operations and enabling it to meet the requirements of customers. Through this system, clear communication structures, roles, and duties across all divisions, in addition to product quality are put in place. Giving clear and accurate information to everyone in the business channel allows them to make informed decisions. As a result, morale rises, performance improves, and efficiency rises.

Governance for the greater good, we also look forward to implement serious and effective anti-corruption measures and policies within our strategies and operations soon.

Core Values of Honesty, Hardworking, Quality & Reliability

Core values are what support the vision, shape the culture, and reflect what a company values. They are the essence of the company’s identity – the principles, beliefs, or philosophy of values. Despite focus mostly on the technical competencies, we never disregard the underlying competencies that make our company run smoothly — core values. Establishing strong core values provides both internal and external advantages to our company.

Since establishment, great efforts, such as training, personal development & development of soft skills have been put on to establish core values of honesty, hardworking, quality & reliability in the organisation and ensure our employees personify these values and lead by example.

Quarterly performance reviews & appraisals provide the opportunity for our employees to assess how well their efforts match the company’s goals, besides enable them to continue aligning with changes in the organisation’s long-term goals.

Recognition is a great way to reinforce our values to long-term employees while defining them for newcomers. Employee recognition such as Special Effort & Long Service are also awarded to the employees which have shown excellent performance & commitment during their tenure with the company. When we recognize employees for strong behaviour or exemplifying core values, we are publicly championing their actions for other employees to see. This not only encourages the recognized employee to act similarly in the future, but sets a standard among their co-workers.

We believe these core values are the cornerstone for building a healthy, transparent & sustainable organisation.

Demonstrate Fairness in Every Corner

Committed to adopt fair-employment practices, our human resources policies offer a range of benefits & accommodation for employees with diverse ethnics, religious, age & gender makeup. Our company policies are openly brief to all employees on quarterly basis and being updated on any policy changes and held accountable for consistent enforcement.

Having a diverse workforce through fair recruitment as well as promotion based on merit, ability and skills help our organisation by increasing innovation and creativity among the staff, resulting in new and different ideas, products and solutions that meet the needs of the different customers and market segment

Stay True to Our Values

Our business is stronger than it has been almost 18 years due to our execution, our people, our brands, and our values. That is what has driven – and will continue to drive.

We will stay true to our values. We will continue to choose the harder right over the easier wrong. We will manage our business not for the next quarter, but for the long term.

We’re making progress on our Sustainability Page.
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