Cymoxanil 8.0% + Mancozeb 64.0%

Cymoxanil 8.0% + Mancozeb 64.0%

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Cymoxanil 8.0% w/w + Mancozeb 64.0% w/w


Wettable Powder (WP)


Available Pack:

1 kg


FRAC Group:

Group 27 + Group M03


Pesticide Class:

Class IV


Mode of Action:

Unknown mode of action + Chemicals with multi-site activity



It is a mold poison that contains 2 active ingredients which are cymoxanil from Actamide group and Mancozeb from dithiocarbamate group. Cymoxanil is a systematic mold poison that can penetrate through the plants tissue and prevent any growth of miselium and spora release. While the mancozeb is a contact fungicide that will act as a protection by making a contact on the surface of the plant to prevent any spread of disease.

Crop Area Weeds Rate Spray Volume Per Hectare
per 10 liter per hectare
Cucumber and Watermelon Kulapuk Downy (Pseudoperonospora sp.)


10 g 0.6 kg 600 liter
Tomatoes Penyakit Hawar (Phytophthora sp., Alternaria sp.) 20 g 1.2 kg

***Read the Product Label Before Use.

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