Florpyrauxifen-Benzyl 2.7%

Florpyrauxifen-Benzyl 2.7%

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Florpyrauxifen-Benzyl 2.7% w/w

Active Ingredient:

Florpyrauxifen-Benzyl 2.7% w/w


Product by:




Emulsion Concentrate (EC)


Available Pack:



HRAC Group:



Pesticide Class:

Class IV


Mode of Action:

Auxin mimics



It is a post-emergence herbicide contains active inheritors from the group of arylpicolinate with the action of wide spectrum and auxin growth regulator. its provides growers with a new tool to fight herbicide-resistant weeds. Rinskor™ active (florpyrauxifen-benzyl 2.7%) in Loyant herbicide exhibits an alternative mode of action to control tough weeds in rice. Has broad-spectrum activity on broadleaf weed species, utilizes low use rate technology, and exhibits excellent crop tolerance in rice.

Crop Area Weeds Rate Spray Volume Per Hectare Notes
per 10 liter per hectare
Paddy (Oryza satiwa L.) Rumput Padi Burung
(Echinochloa crus-galli)
(Echinochloa colona)
Rusiga Anak Emas (Cyperus iria)
Rumput Air (Cyperus difformis)
Keladi Agas (Monochoria vaginalis)
Lakum Air (Ludwigia octovalvis)
Rumput Kerak Nasi (Bacopa rotundifolia)
Rumput Cabai Kera (Sphenoclea zeylanica)
40 ml 800 ml 200 liter Spray on 10-15 days after sowing rice seeds

***Read the Product Label Before Use.

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