An irrigation based on dripping system that is capable of meeting the demands of each individual seedling. It is a highly efficient water management system that can be integrated into a fertilizer program with minimum labor and maintenance.






160mm long x 11mm diameter


  1. Water delivered directly to the root/ soil area using a stand alone dripper
  2. Flowrate ± 1.5ℓ @ 1.3-1.5 bar pressure @ 20-25 minutes
  3. For green houses and nursery, inserted in pots and grow bags
  1. Direct supply into the Polybag
    • Each seed has its own spike that directs water into the polybag without wasting it
    • Special Spike Design to provide consistent pressure and flowrate.
  2. Efficient filtering system with Backwash Function
    • Provide adequate water quality supply, minimizing obstruction and less maintenance required
  3. Cost Saving
    • Reduced engine operating costs
    • Less engine wear and tear
  4. Energy Saving
    • Shorter engine operating hour
    • Low pressure operation
    • Lower fuel usage with up to 90% saving
  5. Time Saving
    • Shorter watering intervals: 20 mins per plot sessions
    • Larger coverage area each session with up to 20 000 seedlings
  6. Water Conservation
    • Save up to 90% of water
    • Even water distribution
  7. Convenience spraying
  8. Can be applied to most topographies

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