Glyphosate-Isopropylammonium 41.0%

Glyphosate-Isopropylammonium 41.0%

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Glyphosate-Isopropylammonium 41.0% w/w

Active Ingredient:

Glyphosate-Isopropylammonium 41.0% w/w


Product by:




Soluble Liquid (SL)


Available Pack:

20L, 4L


HRAC Group:



Pesticide Class:

Class III


Mode of Action:

Inhibition of Enopyruvyl Shikimate Phosphate Synthase



It is a herbicide that contain of active ingredients from the ‘glycine’ group (HRAC 9) which reacts systematically.

Crop Area Weeds Keadaan Naungan Rate Spray Volume Per Hectare
per 10 liter per hectare
Getah, Kelapa Sawit, Teh, Kawasan tanpa tanaman Lalang (Imperata cylindrica) kurang 30% 60 ml 6.0 liter 1000 liter
lebih 30% 40 ml 4.0 liter
Rumput Kerbau (Paspalum conjugatum)
Rumput Pait (Ottochloa nodosa)
Ceroma (Mikania micrantha)
Kekacang Penutup Bumi (Puerania phaseoloides)
Akar Ruas-ruas (Asystasia intrusa)
kurang 30% 44 ml 2.0 liter 450 liter
lebih 30% 33 ml 1.5 liter

***Read the Product Label Before Use.

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