HyPlug® 24

HyPlug® 24

HyPlug® 24

It is a superior alternative to Polybag system. HyPlug® 24 is a Pre-Nursery Planting Tray for Oil Palm and Beneficial Plants. It is an advanced growth strategy for pre-nursery oil palm, mucuna bracteata, and beneficial plants.



A single tray can accommodate 24 oil palm seedling. 24cells in a tray and ready to use without any fixing action needed. No sharp edge for better handling.



514mm (W) x 339mm (L) x 120mm (H)



Suitable for pre-nursery of oil palm, mucuna bracteata, and other beneficial plants seedlings.

  1. Space saving – cater up to 169 seedlings/m2
  2. Cost effective – reduce costs of transportation, weeding and transporting
  3. User friendly – reduce filling time and easy to extract from the cell
  4. Lightweight
  5. Durable
  6. Environmental friendly – can be recycled & no disposal of used poly-bags

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