Mancozeb 80.0%

Mancozeb 80.0%

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Mancozeb 80.0% w/w


Wettable Powder (WP)


Available Pack:

1 kg


FRAC Group:

Group M03


Pesticide Class:

Class IV


Mode of Action:

Multi-site contact activity



It is a wide spectrum fungicide. The Neo-Technology of the product brings wider and last-long coverage on the crops. It formulation was designed with highly suspension effect when doing tank mix. This is helping on the spraying efficacy.

Crop Area Weeds Rate Spray Volume Per Hectare
per 10 liter per hectare
Tomato Hawar Alternia (Alternaria solani)
Hawar Phytopthora (Phytophthora infestans)
Reput Buah (Colletotrichum capsici)
Bintik Daun Septoria (Septoria lycopercisi)
25 g 2.2 kg 900 liter
Kacang Panjang Bintik Daun (Cercospora canescens)
Antraknos (Colletotrichum lindemuthianum)
Karat (Uromyces appendiculatus)
20 g 1.8 kg 900 liter
Cili Bintik Daun (Cercospora capsici)
Hawar/ Reput Buah/ Reput Akar (Phytophthora capsici)
20 g 1.8 kg 900 liter
Salad Bintik Daun (Septoria lactucae) 20 g 1.8 kg 900 liter
Kubis, Kubis Bunga dan Sawi Bintik Daun (Alternaria brassicae)
Antraknos (Colletotrichum hingginsianum)
Kulapuk Downy (Peronospora parasitica, Pseudoperonospora cubensis)
20 g 1.8 kg 900 liter
Timun dan Tembikai Antraknos (Colletotrichum lagenarium)
Kulapuk Downy (Pseudoperonospora cubensis)
Reput Akar (Phytophthora infestans)
20 g 1.8 kg 900 liter
Mangga Antraknos/ Reput Buah/ Hawar Bunga (Colletotrichum gloeosporioides)
Bintik Daun (Cercospora mangifera)
32 g 1.5 kg 450 liter
Kacang Tanah Bintik Daun (Cercospora arachidicola) 20 g 0.9 kg 450 liter
Kekwa Bintik Daun (Cercospora chrysanthemi)
Reput Batang (Rhizoctonia solani)
20 g 1.8 kg 900 liter
Bayam Bintik Daun (Cercospora brassicicola) 20 g 1.8 kg 900 liter

***Read the Product Label Before Use.

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