MIRACLE® S240 is an unique polyether-modified trisiloxane technology that improves spray coverage, retention, and penetration It is cost-effective when used together with low volume (LV), very low volume (VLV), and ultra low volume (ULV) by control droplet applicator (CDA).





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  • OMR Certified
  • Readily Biodegradable OECD Test No. 301
  1. Excellent wetting & spreading for uniform coverage
  2. Excellent cuticular penetration & stomatal flooding to enhance pesticides performance
  3. 30 minutes of rain fastness. Reduces wash-off caused by rains & irrigation
  4. Increase deposition & minimize spray drift error
  5. Compatible with a broad range of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides & PGRs
  6. Low use rate

MIRACLE® S240 is used in tank mix applications. Follow proper guidelines and pesticide label recommendation rate when adding MIRACLE® S240.


For pesticide labels without an adjuvant recommendation rate but compatible with adjuvant use below rate is applied:


General Weeds Control = 25ml/Ha
Selective = 50ml/Ha
Pest & Disease = 100ml/Ha

Unleash Your Pesticide
Spraying Performance

Miracle S240 is an organo-modified siloxane which is a patented technology novel biodegradable superspreader with an extraordinary performance profile like no other.

How does it work?

Rapid Penetration

better uptake through penetration of cuticular waxes and stomatal flooding. Rain fastness up to 30 minutes.

Reduce Surface Tension

Improves the wetting, adhesion, and retention of the spray droplets on hydrophobic surfaces.

Super Spreading and Wetting

Aqueous solutions give super spreading and dramatically reduce surface tension. Therefore, promote better pesticide coverage and deposition, minimizing spray drift error and optimizing efficiency.

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