Miracle® Union Super is a non-ionic surfactant and belongs to the chemical class of organomodified trisiloxanes, which is, polyether trisiloxane. These are the only agricultural adjuvants that can produce a phenomenon known as “super spreading” and dramatically reduces surface tension. Its excellent adhesion, retention and penetration.




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  • Superior wetting of hydrophobic surfaces, in particular leaves and other parts of plants
  • Enhanced crop protection products in better uptake through penetration of cuticular waxes and stomatal flooding
  1. Allows a larger amount of active ingredient to enter the plant; the active works even under difficult conditions
  2. Provides rainfastness to agricultural sprays; rain an hour after application can be tolerated with no need for re-spray
  3. Permits the reduction of spray volumes by up to 30 %; Saving time, money and environmental resources
  4. Low use rate

Arable crops :


Pesticides with systemic action 200 ml/ha to improve wetting, spreading and uptake
Pesticides with contact action 125 ml/ha to improve wetting and spreading


Horticultural crops and orchards :


200 – 300 ml/ha, depending on the growth stage. These dosages allow for various water volumes. To be in line with regulatory compliances, please observe the local label in order to not exceed the maximum recommended concentration.

Insecticides, Miticides 1 ml – 2 ml
Fungicides 1 ml – 2 ml
Foliage, PGR 1 ml – 2 ml
Herbicides per-emergence 1 ml – 2 ml

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