Picoxystrobin 17.90% + Cyproconazole 7.17%

Picoxystrobin 17.90% + Cyproconazole 7.17%

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Picoxystrobin 17.90% w/w + Cyproconazole 7.17% w/w


Suspension Concentrate (SC)


Available Pack:

250 ml


FRAC Group:

Group 11 + Group 3


Pesticide Class:

Class III


Mode of Action:

Respiration, complex III: cytochrome bc1 (ubiquinol oxidase) at Qo site (cyt b gene) + sterol biosynthesis in membranes (C14-demethylase in sterol biosynthesis)



It is a mold poison that have two active ingredients which consists of picoxystrobin from the strobilurin and cypriconazole group which both each acts as a preventive and curative.

Crop Area Weeds Rate Spray Volume Per Hectare
per 10 liter per hectare
Paddy Karah (Pyricularia oryzae)
Hawar Seludang (Rhizoctonia solani)
Bintik Perang (Helminthosporium oryzae)
Bintik Perang Tirus (Cercospora oryzae)
18 ml 360 ml 200 liter

***Read the Product Label Before Use.

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