Tuai Emas®

Tuai Emas®

Tuai Emas®

Tuai Emas is a plant booster where it supplies an optimal source of Potassium (Potash) to encourage denser filling of rice grains (improves grain yield and grain quality) contains additional sources of nitrogen and sulfur to help produce enough food for healthy rice grain plant growth. Its Organic liquid NK fertilizer and low chloride Mineral with Sulfur content





Pack Size:

4L Per Bottle



Recommended to apply twice a season as a foliar spray when the rice is emerging (60-75HLT) and when the rice is bowing (75-90HLT)


Rate Application:




60-75 HLT and 75-90HLT

  1. Help the grain rice filling to be denser, heavier and of better quality
  2. Increases resistance to pest and disease attacks
  3. Environmentally friendly & pollution free and improve the ecological system
  4. Increase the yield and quality of rice plants
  5. Helps regulate soil pH & increase the availability of nutrients in the soil for efficient nutrient uptake by plants
  6. Increase the content of chlorophyll, sulfur & plant protein for healthier rice growth
  7. Improve soil microbiology
– Potassium oxide (K2O) 13%
– Sulphur (S) 3%
– Nitrogen (N) 2%

*This product contain Amino Acid

The Right Fertilizer
For Better Results

Ekot is controlled-release fertilizer (CRF) that is designed to release nutrients slowly, consistently, and precisely to crops. The application help to improve Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE) and reduce nutrient loss, thereby supporting healthier overall crop growth.

How does it work?

The nutrient release mechanism of the Controlled Release Fertilizer Technology is mainly controlled by osmosis and diffusion mechanism with respect to the surrounding temperature.

Plant nutrients are encapsulated in an organic polymer coating.

After being applied, the granule attracts water and passes through osmosis.

The nutrients dissolve in water to form a concentrated nutrient formulation.

Nutrient formulations are released in the soil via diffusion. The coating ensures a controlled nutrient release over a specified period of time, i.e. From 3 up to 18 months.

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