Cost-effective alternative to conventional mulching. Mulch film used in immature oil palm as an effective solution for weed control & soil moisture conservation.



Virgin PE (LLDPE + LDPE) + 3% UV protector





WeedAway 15: 1.5m x 1.5m with 64 small holes for rain flow
WeedAway 20: 2.0m x 2.0m with 256 small holes for rain flow
Hole size: 7 mm



0.06mm (60 micron) for better resistant against wear and tear



WA Pin (10 pcs per set) – to secure the mulch and for easy installation


Installation Method:

WeedAway® is easy to lay and use. Once the ground has been cleared of any debris or sharp stones, pull any existing weeds, rake the area flat and then lay 2 sheets of WeedAway® per palm and secure the mulch sheets with T-pin. A covering of WeedAway® as mulching process stops lights reaching any remaining weeds.

  1. Better Weed Control – suppress weed growth & reduce weeding round
  2. Better Vegetative Growth – retain favorable soil moisture to promote good feeder roots growth and photosynthesis.
  3. Efficient Fertilizer Usage – Reduce fertilizer losses through surface run-off, leaching & evaporation
  4. Cost & Labor Efficient – Reduce chemical usage & increase labor productivity in the first 2 years of planting by 40-60%

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