BRAVO FLEXI GUN is a tractor-mounted spraying equipment used in oil palm plantations. Its cannon blower is automatically configured for horizontal swing up to 300 degrees. With the use of electrostatic technology, it applies a high voltage positive charge to the chemical mixture, causing the droplets to drift and attach to the plant, reducing waste.


Has a spraying range of 25m-30m. Consistent spray volume, controlled by a Constant Pressure Regulator that is combined with an auto-filter function.

  1. Never to clean – auto filter & flush continuously
  2. Optimal agitation & no settlement
  3. Fast adjustable propeller & anti-drift
  4. Double frame – shock proof & self suction to the Tank from water source
  5. Automatic swing of the cannon blower – increases productivity by providing a wider swath width and greater coverage.
  6. Extremely efficient and productive – able to spray 1 Ha (oil Palm crop) in 14 minutes or 20 Ha in a single day (normal working hours).

Spraying is used for pesticide and foliar application.


  1. Spray Volume Per Hectare Vary from 200l/ha to 450l/ha

Precise Spraying For 
Better Control Of,
Pests In Elevated Oil Palm Area

This tractor-mounted sprayer – Bravo is patented with electrostatic polarization technology that helps to provide better spraying coverage for pesticide treatment compared to other methods.

How does it work?

The sprayer atomizer is attached with an electrode that will electrostatically charge the spraying droplets with positive (+ve) charges.


This help to improve the chemical’s adhesion to target surfaces, thereby enhancing the target surface coverage and efficacy.

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