Klasmann TS 3

Klasmann TS 3

Klasmann TS 3

It is a substrate for growing seedlings in trays. It is optimal for propogation of plantation crops and ornamental young plants. This substrate provides extra water retention, therefore allows a crop management with reduced watering frequency.


Pack Size:

210L per bag
60% of White peat, moderately decomposed
15% of GreenFibre, fine
15% of Frozen Through black peat


Nutrients added:

280 mg N/l [Nitrogen]
200 mg P2O5/l [Phosphorus]
360 mg K2O/l [Potassium]
100 mg Mg/l [Magnesium]
with all necessary trace elements and Iron added as EDTA chelate



fine 0-5mm



Suitable for plantation crops, vegetables and ornamental young plants and seed propagation stage.

  1. It provides uniform properties for the seedlings grow
  2. It is free from pathogens or harmful substances
  3. It is almost free from weed seeds
  4. It ensures easier rewetting of the substrate surface, thus less pressure from root diseases

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